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Lamb Likes Stitching 


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Sometimes I like waffling on about stitching. I also have some exciting creative workshops in the works. So if that's something you'd like to know more about you can sign up to receive The Stitchery.

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About Lamb Likes Stitching

Hi I'm Jodie. Chief Embroiderer at Lamb Likes Stitching. That's a grand way of saying I'm a one person outfit. I make and (occasionally) sell hand embroidered art.


I started embroidery after a bereavement.  It's a slow and ponderous medium. It's the ultimate mindful pursuit.


I never thought I'd like embroidering. I tried it reluctantly. My creative background is theatre. I had no idea that I could enjoy something so slow and detailed. But I was instantly hooked. 

When I started embroidering I loved that it was peaceful and meditative. Now I also love making artworks that explore the interface between people's expectations of a traditional craft, and creativity. Finding ways to sew outside and within the confines of the hoop.

If you have seen something of mine that you loved (on the website or at a market), and have decided that you must have it, drop me a line by clicking below to see if it's still available. 

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