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Ask almost anyone that embroiders why they do it, they'll tell you that in a fast-paced world, stitching is a chance to slow down.


Hand stitching is soothing, immersive, and creative.

Calming frayed nerves and easing anxiety. That's one part of it.

The other part is that we often, these days, spend our money on mass-produced dentist-office decorative art. I love collecting and making stuff that reflects the connection between the maker and the medium. The idea and the execution. I like hanging work in my own house that the artist has touched and imprinted their story on. Maybe you like to do that too.

It's just me (Jodie Lamb) designing, stitching and finishing pieces and sourcing materials. Sometimes I'm prolific, sometimes I don't pick up the needle and thread for a while. So, please do come back from time to time, and follow me on IG in case something comes up that you like..

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